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LTG Cargo Ukraine has temporarily suspended operations in Ukraine


One of the priority areas of LTG Cargo Ukraine activities is locomotive rental. We rent different types of shunting and mainline locomotives at competitive prices, take care of their maintenance, perform current and overhaul repairs. We also provide wagon rental, freight transportation and forwarding services.

Who are we?

100 % of TOB LTG Cargo Ukraine is owned by the Lithuanian rail freight company AB LTG Cargo, which is a part of the Lithuanian state-owned company AB Lietuvos Geležinkeliai. The Company started its operations in Ukraine in 2020, entering the market with the ambitious goal of changing stagnant freight transportation practices and creating new ones through the synergy of different modes of transport, technical progress and information technology.

LTG Cargo Ukraine focuses on an enterprising and busy customer, therefore, the principal task of the Company is to help our customers to find the best freight transportation solutions, thus saving our clients their precious time.



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