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  • Freight forwarding

    We cooperate with railway carriers from various countries of the world, and provide freight forwarding services by rail. If you wish to entrust us with all the worries of transporting your cargo from point A to point B, you are welcome to contact us.

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  • Container transportation

    Container transportation, or intermodal transport, is an efficient and safe mode of cargo transportation, increasingly gaining its popularity in the world every year: cargo is adapted for transportation by various modes of transport, it is convenient to store, load and transport, and the goods are protected from theft and damage. LTG Cargo Ukraine has a well-developed network of partners, thus we can offer our customers container train services in the European and Asian markets.

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  • Wagon rental

    LTG Cargo Ukraine rents various types of wagons and platforms. Priority is given to long-term lease contracts.

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  • Locomotive rental

    We provide shunting and mainline locomotive rental services in the Ukrainian market. Our rolling stock fleet consists of more than 30 locomotives, including ČME3, 2M62, M62K, TEM TMH.

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  • Locomotive repair

    Entrust all the worries related to locomotive repair to us. The services of rolling stock repair are provided by LGT Tech. We provide current and overhaul locomotive and rolling stock repair services, perform their technical maintenance and provide all the parts necessary for repairs.

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  • Freight transportation geography

    Thanks to the wide range of services offered by LTG Cargo Ukraine, the cargo from Ukraine is transported reliably and quickly not only to Lithuania but also to Northern European countries. Our partnership with Klaipėda Seaport in Lithuania allows us to ensure smooth cargo delivery to Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands.

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