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LTG Cargo Ukraine: Official Freight Forwarder on the LHS Section


From September 12-14, LTG Cargo Ukraine team had a productive visit to Poland. During the visit, LTG Cargo Ukraine signed a contract with PKP LHS and this is an important event for LTG Cargo Ukraine.

This contract establishes LTG Cargo Ukraine as the official freight forwarder on the LHS section. The partnership with PKP LHS enables us to provide services along the railway line from Hrubieszow to Slawkow and utilize the transshipment facilities at these stations.

Currently, LTG Cargo Ukraine actively engaged in a project to transport loaded grain from Ukraine through the PKP LHS infrastructure to the Wola Baranowska station. From there, the cargo will be expertly reloaded into „Bulk“ containers for its journey to Lithuania’s Klaipeda port, opening up exciting trade opportunities.