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LTG Cargo Ukraine Proposing Two Extra Routes


As the upcoming grain transportation season approaches, LTG Cargo Ukraine is poised the movement of grain crops from Ukraine to the port of Klaipeda. Apart from the currently established routes via Yagodin and Mostyska II, the team is proposing two extra routes, providing partners with more choices for cargo transit:

  • Izov-Wola Baranvoska-Trakiškiai-Kaunas/Klaipėda
  • Izov-Slawkow-Kaunas

In a bid to diversify and optimize cargo transportation, LTG Cargo Ukraine extends its services to encompass a broader range of options. These new offerings cater not only to container shipments but also facilitate the movement of hoppers and semi-wagons.

The strategic introduction of these new routes and transportation methods signifies more than just a logistical expansion. This underscores LTG Cargo Ukraine dedication to enhancing partnerships and streamlining the entire cargo transportation process.