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Promvagontrans representatives visit LTG Tech locomotive repair base in Vilnius


On February 18, representatives of the Ukrainian transport-forwarding company Promvagontrans visited the LTG Tech locomotive repair base in Vilnius. During the meeting, the issues of freight transportation and forwarding by rail from Ukraine to Lithuania and the rental of rolling stock were discussed. Representatives of LTG Cargo Ukraine also mentioned the possibilities of renting a 2M62 main locomotive and demonstrated the ČME-3 shunting locomotive for the Ukrainian market after a complete overhaul.

Promvagontrans manages a fleet of over 600 bulk wagons (hoppers) and transports grain in Ukraine and abroad. The company is part of the agricultural concern “Ukrainian Agro Holding”, which has over 50 thousand. hectares of arable land and more than 1,200 employees. The company can store about 200 thousand tons of cereals at a time.