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Ukrainian citizens will be able to travel by train in Lithuania free of charge


In response to the ongoing Russian war against Ukraine and in order to help people fleeing the horrors of the war, the companies of the Lithuanian Railways (“Lietuvos geležinkeliai” – LTG) group are starting to provide assistance. The passenger transportation company LTG Link from March 1 offered Ukrainian citizens free transportation on local routes in Lithuania. Ukrainian citizens wishing to use the free transportation will only need to present the Ukrainian passport or identity card, children – the birth certificate.

In order to provide the fastest possible solution and to make it as easy as possible to travel by train, free one-time tickets will be issued in trains or at ticket offices.

“We are in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and are looking for concrete solutions to support them in these extremely difficult times. With this initiative, we aim to help people who have already arrived in Lithuania to reach places of refuge and travel within the country. People seeking to integrate into public life in Lithuania will also be able to use free intercity transport: they will be able to travel to work, educational institutions or to reach different Lithuanian cities for other purposes by train. At present, the closest place to the Lithuanian-Polish border to be reached by trains is Marijampolė railway station which is a little less than 33 km from the border point,” says Linas Baužys, the head of LTG Link.

The company invites people to share this information both with people traveling to the Lithuanian-Polish border to help the people of Ukraine reach Lithuania and with Ukrainian citizens who are currently looking for solutions on how to reach the territories in Lithuania safely.

Under this initiative, Ukrainian citizens will also be able to transport their pets, including larger animals that do not fit in special containers, as well as hand luggage free of charge.

LTG group companies are currently considering other possible options for victim assistance and possible ways to implement them. More information about train travel routes, their schedules and other relevant information can be found on the website www.traukiniobilietas.lt .